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Diana Grace/Stevie, I saw you lay down the magic upon us with your captivating similarities of style, voice and grace. The spell it puts your audience under by taking us back in time is something I truly will remember for the rest of my life. Just got me on one of those lonely independent nights I needed to take myself out and I experienced unexpected greatness!

                          ...Madison McCullough

Had such a great time at the "Stevie Nicks Illusion" concert in the park.  Diana Grace and the band were amazing!  From head to toe she captured the essence of Stevie's style, her movements, and a voice in colour and range very like Stevie in early Fleetwood Mac days.  Can't wait til next time!!                   ...BellaDonnaSantaBarbara

Absolutely awesome show, must see if you are a Stevie fan. Diana does an excellent job of covering one of the greatest female singers of our time. I am a huge Stevie fan, seen her nine times and last night was # 10!

                                        ...Ken Kaminski

We all had a fantastic time yesterday at Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara, CA. Stevie Nicks Illusion rocked it! Thank you for a great show!!! Hope to see you again next year.                      ...Michelle Ramirez      

Amazing band! Saw them yesterday for the first time at the Bacon Festival at the Monterey Fairgrounds.

                                ...Virginia Esteban Day

Saw the band at Baconfest and they rocked the whole set.

                                    ...Howard Teplitzky

One must Experience the Stevie Nicks Illusion to know how great it is.

Imagine a Fleetwood Mac reunion, with Don Henley sitting in!

Be prepared for the drum solo and a guitarist that sings and plays as well as Lindsey and well to be honest, the entire ensemble is extremely impressive.

Diana Grace as Stevie Nicks will bring back all our favorite memories we had back in the day while adding her own youth and vibrance to the show.

Just go...                   ....Dan Spechtenhauser

We saw this show earlier this year and it was absolutely amazing!!  It was the first time I had ever seen that particular venue sell out.  Diana's vocals were on the money and the band was tight!!!  After the show they all did a meet and greet and took pics with the crowd.  It's a great family friendly show I would recommend to anyone.  Hope to see them again sometime soon.  Keep up the great work guys!!                             ...Philip Earle

I had the Best time with my family.. the vibe from the band was exhilarating Diana looked beautiful and sounded prefect her dresses and her dance moves were on point I can't wait to see them again best concert ever and we got to meet Diana after and she was amazing and so very kind she really took her time talking with us and take some amazing pictures much love and respect and support to you guys your awesome                   ..Jasmine Lynch

We first saw Stevie Nicks Illusion at Holiday in Costa Mesa. As a huge Stevie Nicks fan, I was skeptical about seeing a cover band, but wow, did we fall in love with these guys. Diana’s vocals are incredible and the band’s chemistry is undeniable. That evening turned out to be one of my favorite memories from 2017 and now we’re hooked and see them as often as possible. Don’t pass up a chance to see SNI when you can and send them a shot of Fireball.           ...Crystal Clore

Stevie Nicks illusion this was a very awesome show Stevie Nicks is very hard to do and girl you nailed it we enjoyed our evening great concert great people and thank you so much for letting us get a photo with you all! I can't wait till you come back to Laughlin again or Lake Havasu for that matter great band great concert awesome music - awesome singing! Drummer was amazing keyboard right on and your guitar players your bass player very very good very good would definitely come see you again five star show baby!

                                    ...Diane Roberts

Listened to you at Monterey's Baconfest and WOW. Wonderful performance and hope to experience Stevie Nicks Illusion again. Thank you!!!

                                        ...Mary Pozzi

Enjoyed going back in time! Fun!

                                       ...Joyce Foster

The concert was amazing. I took my daughter and her hubby. We were all amazed on how good the band was. Will Definitely go see then again!!

                                   ...Barbee Lewis

5 Stars for professional, talented musicians, amazing vocals, and just a fun time!                       ...Sue Ziehmer Harris

I saw Stevie Nicks Illusion on June 16. One of the best 90 minutes ever!! Diana is simply amazing.

                                  ...Allie Granberry

Stevie Nicks illusion is a great band , they put on a great show! Very amazing ! ��� Diana has a wonderful voice ! Definitely want to go to a concert again!

                                    ...Stevye Lewis

Amazing show, I was a little apprehensive, but what a great show it turned out to be. I enjoyed every song and the history behind they lyrics. I would, without a doubt come see you in concert again. By the way loved your outfits.                         ...Sonja Smith

Very talented band. They do a fantastic tribute to Stevie Nicks and the drummer is super too!!!

                                 ...Laura Lance Baldwin

They put on such an amazing performance. Diana Grace makes you feel as if you’re truly watching and listening to Stevie, as well as all the duos they sing. The whole experience is such a fun time. Their show has made great memories for me and my daughter twice now (I taught her the love of great music from very young)! They are a must see! 

                         ...Michele Richards Miller

Stevie Nicks Illusion Live at Pala Casino 12.11.20... There are three lead vocals with SNI: Diana Grace is spot on as Stevie Nicks, and Laurie Richardson also rocks the house as Christine McVie...Monty Sommer's vocals and guitar work are excellent and the entire band was awesome... The show featured all the FM hits as well as Stevie Nicks' solo career with those famous duets with Don Henley and Tom Petty...Excellent show with a sold out crowd! Grade: A+

                                ...Allen Mealey

        Freelance Entertainment Journalist

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